Resilience in agri-food chains

The project trains agricultural organizations and local authorities in the efficiency of the use of water and carbon resources for a production that is resilient to climate change.


To strengthen the capacities of local authorities and actors, from municipalities of the Central American Trifinio and Adamantina in Brazil, to promote resilient food production linked to agrifood value chains, as a response to the changing climate conditions of both territories, articulated with the national strategies and policies of the countries involved.

Implementation period



Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Overall project amount

Subsidy EU:(0000000 €)



Expected Results


Nine municipalities

of the Central American Trifinio, and one from Brazil, have aligned their local public policies with national policies, strategies and plans for adaptation to climate change.

Nine organisations

of men and women producers in the Central American Trifinio, and one in Adamantina, Brazil, have strengthened their capacities for resilient food production and their linkage to an agro-food value chain (total 500 families).

Two public-private partnerships

for resilient food production in an agro-food chain in the Trifinio Region and another in Adamantina, Brazil.

Forty local technicians

from Central America and ten from Adamantina, Brazil, have strengthened their technical skills to diagnose, design and implement actions to increase the food resilience of populations, within the framework of local public policies.


a multi-level governance and inter-institutional coordination body, in the Central American Trifinio, managing a food resilience assessment and monitoring system, to be replicated in Adamantina, Brazil.

Recent events


Central America and Brazil start a Project on Agrifood Value Chains

Adamantina, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Representatives of local governments and other key actors from Adamantina, Brazil, and the Central American Trifinio Zone (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras), held on August 29th in Adamantina, the launch of the project "Local policies and mechanisms of articulation and implementation of public-private partnerships for resilient food production in agro-food value chains in the Central American Trifinio and Adamantina, Brazil", which is funded by the EUROCLIMA+ Programme under its component Resilient Food Production (RFP).




  • Héctor Alonso Aguirre Cornejo
    Main executor, Lempa River Border Corporation (MTFRL), Honduras
  • José Aparecido dos Santos 
    Adamantina University Centre (UNIFAI), Brazil
  • Emerson Hernandes Baptiston
    Prefecture of the Municipality of Adamantina, Brazil
  • Filiberto Coy
    University Centre of the East (CUNORI - USAC), Guatemala
  • Patricia Palma de Fulladolsa
    General Secretariat of SICA, Guatemala
  • Leonel Salas Juárez
    Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Guatemala

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Main applicant

Río Lempa Trinational Border CorporationMTFRL.png


Adamantina University Centre

Prefecture/Mayor’s office of Adamantina/ Prefecture/Mayoralty of Adamantina

University Centre of the East (CUNORI-USAC

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