Drought information system

Drought information system

Title: Design and initial implementation of a drought information system (monitoring, prediction, preparation and mitigation of impacts) for southern South America - SISA

Countries involved: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil

Brief description: An information system on droughts will be implemented in southern South America that will provide tools and information to governments, non-governmental and private institutions, and individuals.

Objective: The availability of information on droughts, together with improvements in regional institutional capacities, planning and preparation, and the governance of risk management, will contribute to reducing the considerable economic, social and environmental impacts of drought on agricultural production, hydroelectric generation, and river navigation in southern South America.

Leading entity: National Meteorological Service of the Argentine Republic (SMN), representing the Regional Climate Centre for southern South America (CRC-SAS).

Droughts have considerable social, economic and environmental impacts in southern South America. The region depends on rainfall to sustain its huge production of cereals and oilseeds that feed the world: half of the world’s top 10 soybean producers (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay) are in this region.